Snackventure: Logan Square Kitchen Pastry Market

Natalie, Shannon & Lisa

Well first and foremost BrutalSnack is proud to announce that we are now a menage a tou! Shannon and I could not face another day of snacking brutally without our dear friend Lisa of Brass Knuckle Brownies by our side. (We have one collective side, and it’s a bad side… so stay off of it.)

Now that we are complete, we took our snacking on the road (um, like a mile from all of our houses) and visited Logan Square Kitchen‘s fancy Pastry Market. That day also happened to be sweet little Shannon’s 24th birthday, so Lisa and I thought we’d try and drown our old lady sorrows in some sustainable pastries and sweets from B True Bakery, FIG Catering, Floriole Bakery, Flour Cake & Pastry, Katherine Anne Confections, Macaron Chicago, Nice Cream, Rare Bird Preserves, Rich Chocolates & Candies, Sugarkist, and Tinycakes.

Drown ’em we did, girl! Despite the hellacious crowds totally cock blocking our persist of cupcakes and the occasional crew of chatty old ladies, we did manage to snag quite  a haul – you can check it all out in our video ’cause this is a video blog, duh!

Check out all the vendors by clicking the links above, and as promised, here were just *some* of the caramel flavors we were all yapping about from Katherine Anne Confections: strawberry balsamic, chocolate walnut, honey vanilla, chocolate and fleur de sel.

Until next time, don’t stop snacking and keep it brutal!