Snackventure: Lisa goes to Lou Malnati’s

Lisa may be a born and bred New Yorker, but thanks to a little help from Shannon and I, she’s really coming along as a newly-imported Chicagoan. She’s waited in hours-long lines at Hot Doug’s, driven by the line outside of Kuma’s Corner and said, “Um… maybe next time,” and she even knows not to let her visitors talk her into going to Navy Pier because it sucks.

She drinks Intelligencia coffee, heads to Superdawg for late-night munchies and now she can check another one of her list because she’s conquered Chicago-style deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s. Shannon and I were so excited to share our favorite high calorie snack we couldn’t help but act a little stupid… you’ll see.

Our little Lisa is really growing up! She’ll be calling her soda “pop” in no time!


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