SneakSnack: LSK Halloween Pastry Market Preview

Hey Chicago, what are you doing Halloween weekend? Not sure? Well, we’ll tell you. You’re hanging out with us at Logan Square Kitchen’s Halloween Pastry Market. October 30th and 31st, 10am- 3pm.

Featured vendors include: Cheap Tart, Crumb, FIG Catering, Flour Cake and Pastry, Fritz Pastry, Katherine Anne Confections, Macaron Chicago, Mayana Chocolate, Nice Cream, Quince & Apple, Rich Chocolates & Candies, The Baked Escape, Salted Caramel, Snookelfritz Ice Cream Artistry, Sweet Miss Givings and Tinycakes and coffee from Ipsento Coffee House.

Pluuuuus, Lisa and I will be there, dressed like sexy Cookie Monster. Just kidding, we’ll be Parisian vampires. Don’t worry, your blood is safe – we just suck the custard out of donuts. (Really, it’s just an excuse to wear tiny top hats and lots of eye makeup.) It’s only $1 to get in and kids are free – it’s the perfect place to carbo load before a week end full of tricks and treats. (It’s also a fabulous way to support LSK and tell the city of Chicago and all it’s red tape to shove it.)

Check out our budget video to hear about the snacks we’re particularly excited about, details below. We hope to see you there! Make sure you RSVP so the vendors have enough for everyone!

Rich Chocolates & Candies: Pumpkin pie turtles & hand-decorated Day of the Dead chocolate skulls

Cheap Tart Bakery: pumpkin pies featuring house-roasted and pureed pumpkins

Nice Cream: pumpkin spice ice cream (among other delicious classics)

iPsento: their signature latte (coconut milk, espresso, milk, honey and cyanne pepper) + special lattes featuring syrups from Jo Snow

Salted Caramel: smoked pecan burbon caramel corn

Macaron Chicago: carrot cake, pumpkin pie macaron pops (yes please!)

TinyCake: vegan options! Also, pumpkin chocolate chip cake & pumpkin chocolate cheese cake

Fig: candy apples, pumpkin custard pie & vegan apple pie

Snooklefritz Ice Cream Artistry: ice cream sandwiches with Valrohna chocolate, maple-candied hickoy nut ice cream & salted caramel apple ice cream

Fritz Pastry – Fritz is keeping their treats top secret, but we know we want some. Whatever they are!


Arluck Time!

Join the ladies of Brutal Snack on February 4th at the Beat Kitchen to celebrate the life of  Mat Arluck and to raise money for some great causes.

Proceeds will benefit Grind for Life, an organization started by pro-skateboarder, Mike Rogers, to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling. Some proceeds will also be put into a college fund for Mat’s nephews, Luke and Reece, whom he loved dearly.

If you knew Mat (or even if you didn’t), we hope you can make it out to see Cooler by the Lake, Sweet Cobra, Deminer/Crash Course, Closing In and Lyndard’s Innards (as Black Flag). Tickets are available on the Beat Kitchen site.

We’ll be there selling Mat’s favorite cupcakes – peanut butter and chocolate – along with some of Bake and Destroy’s greatest hits (vegan Elvis comeback specials, French toast cupcakes, etc – baked in cute papers from Bake It Pretty) and other treats donated from Letizia’s Natural Bakery and Angel Food Bakery. (Special thanks to Sweet Cuppin Cakes for all their help with this, too!) All the money, of course, will be going to the causes of the night.

We miss Mat every day, and can’t wait to meet his family and to remember him with all the people who loved him.

Arluck joke. If you get it, you should go to the benefit!