Snackventure: Revenge of the New York Pizza

As you can probably tell from our accents, Shannon and I are true blue Chicagoans while little Lisa is a born and bred Noo Yawka. Now you could sing a Patty Duke-style theme song about all the differences between the three of us, “Shannon adores a bit of gore, the color red, a severed head… but Lisa loves to rock n’ roll, French pastry makes her lose control! What a crazy pair!” I don’t know where my verse is, but it’s something about blood sports and Thai food.

Anyway, you’d think the fact that we’re foodies and we’re die-hard locals would mean we have an ongoing rivalry about pizza. New York vs Chicago deep dish – it’s a tale as old as time. But Lisa was a sport when he took her to Lou Malnati’s back in April, so we agreed to give real New York pizza a shot. Lisa, being Lisa, flew all the way to New York and back to bring it to us!

So here’s a quickie Snackventure with special guests Sandy and Stacie:

All of our cute hairclips are from Lucky Cupcake Hairclips, my Chicago is for Haters shirt is from Novem Studios. Shannon’s hoo-ha donut was made by My Paper Crane.



  1. There is nothing like New York Pizza…it’s seems as though the girls liked it. But really the best style of New York Pizza is a nice thin, crispy crusted brick oven margharita style with fresh mozzarella and basil…mmmm.

  2. WHAT!?! Malnatis is not that good! GO TO: ART OF PIZZA! 🙂

  3. Shannon and I respectfully disagree. Lou Malnati’s is much better than Art of PIzza.

  4. ooh I so Can’t wait to Have some Chicago Pizza! I have actually tried NY Pizza ( about 15 years ago) But take it from a Gal who isn’t a huge fan of pizza… it was Pretty Damn good!

    Lucky Cupcake Loves you!

  5. Vincent’s is pretty tasty, but Cafe Gia in Medford is where my heart belongs with New York pizza.

    And Malnati’s is king of all pizza.

  6. It figures that I LIKED the Art of Pizza’s deep dish! ha ha…well we all have our things…I AM indeed in love with the Chicago Hot Dog!

    I am going to send this to My Paper Crane! I think she will like her doughnut prop usage!

  7. okay that pizza looks good. i’ve never had real ny style pizza, and as much as i love deep dish, i think i could honestly love ny pizza. i love the giantisity and floppiness of it.

  8. there is no way reheated ny pizza can even compare to the real thing. no way. AND lisa really should have brought you some gino’s pizza from long beach ny. i know of no other pizza place on long island that can equal gino’s. . .

  9. I will not argue pizza, but you bitches are sassy!

  10. I thought I would inform Aunt Lisa that Little Vincent’s is indeed supposed to be “Long Islands Best Pizza”
    But.. Not the one in Huntington :/ The Little Vincent’s in Ronkonkama
    The one in Huntington actually did not get very good reviews according to many sites, aside from its cold cheese pizza.
    I am not to fond of the huntington.
    The one in RONKONKAMA on the other hand. Is supposedly best ❤ Kbye.

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